Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm Drawn to Oddities and Peculiarities...

Here are some fish and demons of the deep. I had fun with these. I hope it shows through.
There are so many ways to carry a drawing to it's end. I usually begin with a feeling and try to let my lines act out what's inside. For me it is more of a fine art approach. It's ridiculous at times, because my drawings have a cartoony attitude about them. I enjoy artists who have an edge to their work. Realistic can only be done by the few who make it interesting. The rest are just drawing from photographs.
I'm not condemning the use of reference. I just cannot grasp being a slave to it. And many rely on it way too much.
It's not arrogance (I'm fighting my inner voice now) it's simply preference. I have conceded in the truth that most of my drawings are cynical, and malevolent in nature. Maybe because it's more fun, or I'm twisted, who knows.
A friend of mine told me my stuff looks "creepy". Yeah, that's evident. It's just easier to get the odd outta me.
The fish here are just me playing with a brush pen (which I prefer as of late). I wasn't sure what I was looking for as you can tell. The aquatic creatures here seem to be misplaced even on the barren white paper.
The shark studies I did here were after shark week, or during, or before? I just know I'm fascinated with great whites. They don't apologize to any one, or any thing. Again I used a brush pen as it's almost a perfect metaphor for surfing (great white buffets). Sometimes I just catch a wave, and the lines appear.
Haha, how pretentious! I love it.
The brush pen though is great simply because I can get tiny-thin to black-and-bold in an instant. There's no dipping, or cleaning, or anything. When it's given me all it can, it's tossed.
But, yeah I love sharks. I always wanted to be a marine biologist. Then I found out how smart they are, and well, let's just say I'm better off drawing the things then studying them.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Art is my Life

We grew up poor, and happy and I was going to be the one to change the direction of my family's life. I was going to be an artist!
I think I was a liberal even back then. You are what you are and that's it. Things may change as you experience life, but all in all your personality is defined, I believe in the first few months of life. (I think I'm a bit conservative too)
Well, enough of that. Here on this blog you'll find some of my work. "Do you have a website?" is the question I always am asked. "No, but I'm working on it" is my response. Wanting something to be perfect may stunt its creation and execution indefinitely. Hopefully I'll be adding new things every week. If not, maybe every two weeks. That's that I guess.
Let the ego commence!

Some Things I Feel Are Cool to Draw.

Like fish.